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If you’re unsure of what to request, check out these diagrams that explain what areas are included in each service.  If you want more than 2 ZONES, please book a Brazilian!


Skin stays smoother longer when you have unwanted hair removed with waxing by a well-trained esthetician. Regrowth is slower and softer, and less irritating than shaving. A smooth body makes your skin look firmer, your muscles more defined, and is inviting to touch.

Waxing is effective on just about any area except the head and beard. Back, shoulders, chest, stomach, ears, nostrils, and especially the “mankini” area all feel and look better when they are smooth and hair-free. Swimmers and bicyclists improve performance by keeping legs hair free. That “unibrow” look can be separated into two distinct brows. Many men overlook the growth on their ears and in their nostrils that are noticeable to others when close-up.

We will wax any body part other than the head and beard, with professional demeanor and no judgment. If you want it to be smooth, we’ll make it smooth!

When you make your appointment, we will discuss what areas you would like treated. The hair should be grown out at least three weeks after a shave, and it needs to be at least an inch long but no longer than 1.5 inches or you will need to trim it at home before your appointment.

Upon arrival for your appointment, you will be shown to a private room to remove your clothing. Your esthetician will knock before entering the room. You can then discuss the process and exactly how much hair you would like removed. Soft wax is used in addition to a fabric called “pellon” which then sticks to the wax and hair removing an 1.5 inch wide by 4 inch strip of hair. Pressure is applied after each strip to dissipate the tingling as this is just the blood flow to the skin. This process is repeated until you are hair-free. With Brazilian waxing, you have the option to wax the anal area as well, which is done by lying flat on your stomach, using the same technique.

Men’s hair is often thicker and coarser than women’s, and the initial hair removal session can sting, but overall, waxing is not as painful as expected. The momentary sensation when the esthetician removes the wax strip is the worst of it. After your treatment, we apply coconut oil, which is anti-inflammatory, and will leave you with instructions for aftercare to avoid the skin irritation that sometimes occurs.

Subsequent removal within a 4-6 week time period is much easier, and the hair becomes softer, less coarse, and easier to remove over time with repeated waxing.

Depending on your preference, as much or as little hair can be removed as you’d like, but here are our most common services. They can be adjusted to your liking.

  • Men’s bikini or ManKini – removes visible hair from around the leg openings of a swimsuit, or a bit higher for an extended bikini.
  • Men’s Brazilian (sometimes called ManZilian or BroZilian) – removes hair from front and back, leaving a strip or patch of hair in the front.
  • Bald Eagle – goes totally bare from front to back.

We do our best to put you at ease, and have seen it all. If an unexpected physical response should occur during your service, as sometimes happens, we are professional, unfazed, and will not make you feel embarrassment.
We are all business, so there is no funny business!

Although we apply calming lotion after your treatment, skin will be sensitive for a while, perhaps 24 hours. During that time you should avoid tanning and chlorine. Intimate contact with your skin may cause irritation as well, so schedule your appointment a day before your romantic activity.

Repeated visits within a 4-6 week window make waxing easier and less painful, and keep you looking your best.

Thinking about waxing for the first time?

Maybe you’re not sure if waxing is for you, or perhaps your first experience was not so great.

Have a look at some answers to some common questions here and in our other FAQs, and read more about us.

You can also read about our Code of Ethics, for maintaining a safe and respectful workplace.

I have been going to Melissa for almost 10 years now. She is the only person I trust to wax my brows. She is an amazing esthetician and a wonderful conversationalist. I look forward to my appointments with her!

Amber B • Seattle

Melissa is a MASTER! Perfectionist in style, right down to the last hair!!! An artisan & true professional. Great location with plenty of free parking. If you like dogs, Pharaoh is the King!!

Bill P • Seattle

Melissa was very friendly and professional. I will be returning.

Celeste C • Seattle

I have been going to Melissa for many years now because she does a GREAT job! She is very professional and make you feel very welcome. The atmoshere is very comfortable. Overall she is the best!

Diane M • Seattle

Have gone back twice now since the first time. Stellar service and experience each time. You get what you pay for, so all you girls who are looking to save a few bucks, don’t skimp on this. It’s 100% worth it. PS: Bought from Melissa some after-care product the last time for soothing ingrowns, has worked well.

Emily O • Seattle,

I have been going to Melissa to get my brows done for about 10 years. I would never trust my brows to anyone else. I have also experienced the delightful Brazilian wax and I have to say – it is not that bad. I would highly recommend Melissa; she is fast and does a great job. She also has adorable dogs!!

Erica B • Edmonds, Erica B • Edmonds

From the second I walked in, she was friendly and engaging, providing comfortable conversation during a potentially uncomfortable situation. The wax itself was quick and virtually painless.

Hailey W • Marysville