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By far the best way to remove dead skin and peach fuzz! Every 4-6 weeks keeps that skin glowing.




If your brows are just not as dark as you’d like them to be, tint them!

Women’s Body Waxing

Face and a la carte



last lift and tint
Enhance lashes make your eyes pop.
One hour service – results last 4-6 weeks.
No more eyelash curlers, mascara optional!

Frequently Asked Questions about Brazilian Waxing

Usually a small strip or triangle patch of hair is left but everything else front to back is removed.

At least 3-4 weeks. The hair grows out in 3 stages. If the shortest hair hasn’t grown out enough it won’t come out and the waxing won’t be as smooth as you’d like it.

If your hair is more than 1″ long especially along the “lip” area then it needs to be trimmed down to at least 3/4-1″ otherwise the hair gets gooey in the wax and it can be difficult to get it out.

Well it really depends on your pain threshold, the worst part usually is between the bellybutton to right above the pelvic bone, there are more nerve endings there ( think C-Section) and how long it takes to heal.

Again it depends on each individual and how sensitive they are to the procedure. Redness is very common but goes down within 24 hours, usually no itchiness and a breakout can occur if you have an allergic reaction to the wax. The Boutique uses an Italian soft wax and pellon strips to adhere and remove the wax. We do not use hard wax or sugaring products, only soft wax since 1993. Coconut oil is used to remove wax residue as water will not work. If the skin is irritated a calming product like A&D, Hydrocortisone or a Calming gel from a skincare line we carry will be applied.

A&D, Hydrocortisone or a calming product from our skincare line will reduce rashiness. For ingrowns you’ll want to wait 48 hours and gently exfoliate your bikini area/mon Pubis (zone 1) with a loofah, exfoliating mit or manual exfoliating scrub at least 3x week. This can be discussed during the appointment, for ingrowns we carry a professional product or you can try Teatree oil diluted with water and applied to skin with a cotton ball.

At least 4-6 weeks, that is about the normal time for regrowth if you go past that it will be like having it done for the first time but if you keep up on the maintenance the hair comes out easier and it’s less painful.

No chlorine or tanning for 24 hours since the area is so sensitive it’s best not to bring on any irritation. So for those special getaways or romantic nights it’s best to wax 24 hours before hand.

Before your monthly cycle is not the best time since the whole body is sensitive. The best time if you can work it out is right after your monthly cycle up to seven days before, also caffeine is a stimulant as well so if it’s fresh in your system it can add to the ouch factor, Tylenol is fine to take up to 30 minutes before your appointment.

For those of us who have been doing this a while it takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on your hair and how much there is to wax and the coarseness. We allow 30 minutes for all Brazilians just so you don’t feel rushed

No double dipping is allowed. If a double dip happens then that can of wax was meant just for you and goes directly into the trash after your service. Nitrile Gloves are worn for your entire service and Tweezers have been washed, disinfected and UV sanitized and put into a drawer/container until the service begins. The waxing table is covered by marine vinyl and wiped down with disinfectant between each client and a waxing pad is put down before you get onto the waxing table.

You should never be afraid to ask your Esthetician about sanitary procedures. The Waxing Boutique prides itself on keep a clean, safe environment for our clients.