Thank you for considering The Waxing Boutique for your waxing needs!

Maybe you’re not sure if waxing is for you, or perhaps your first experience was not so great.

Have a look at some answers to some common questions below and in our FAQ, read more about us, and get a $5 discount for your first visit.

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Will it hurt?

What hurts the most?

1. Chest and stomach is the most uncomfortable body part to be waxed.

2. Top of groin bikini pubic hair and base of penis and inner thigh.

3. For legs shins and ankles are the worst.

4. Although underarms aren’t the most common it’s a 50/50 on how men feel about the discomfort.

What’s not so bad?

1. Butt cheeks and crack are pretty minimal and surprisingly the testicles and perineum/taint are not bad.

2. Back for 90% of men is easy.

What if I get an erection?

For men, having a Brazilian or Bald Eagle (everything in the groin area off) it can be a bit intimidating. Women are used to gynecological exams and having babies so it’s not as awkward for them to have a woman waxer.

My job/goal is to keep it professional, educate you and make it and painless as possible all while be efficient in the time it takes.

Erections can happen and it’s totally normal, I do not look at this situation as anything other than it is so please don’t feel weird.

What happens on the table?

The process is pretty simple, after you undress you will lie on a table and depending on what area of the body you are having waxed, I will apply the warm wax with a tongue depressor or a spatula for larger areas. The fabric that is used is called pellon and that is what sticks to the wax that I pull off. The groin area is done in much small strips than say the back, chest or legs.

The testicles are more delicate and the skin is thinner so the area in which I cover is about 1-2” in length and diameter. A quick pull and tada the hair is gone! I use coconut oil on the waxed area after I am done which not only removes the wax residue it’s an anti-inflammatory and is soothing for the skin. Coconut oil or A&D baby rash ointment is recommended to apply after the services for the next 24-48 hours to soothe the skin.