cross gender xpressions

As an esthetician I hear a lot about people’s lives. Over time I have had more men comment on how they would like to dress up as a female and enjoy the hair, clothes and make up but do not know where to start. I worked in retail before becoming an esthetician and have always had a passion for clothes and make up and I visually have a great eye for putting together the full package.

I also attended Blanche MacDonald film and tv school in Vancouver B.C where I learned a lot about application, from runway, print, drag and special f/x. I love being an esthetician and since I do specialize in hair removal it’s a great way to listen and understand the needs of the client. If I can offer my expertise in make up and fashion to help you achieve the overall look you want to obtain then I’m doing what I love.

I can take you shopping for wigs, make up, clothes, accessories, lingerie and shoes. If your appearance is put together, age appropriate, stylized for you and classy then you will have the confidence to go out and have fun!

You may book a waxing service and have a complimentary consultation or you can book a consultation to speak to me in person or by phone to see if I would be a good fit for what you are looking for.

15 minute consult by phone or in person $15

30 minute consult by phone or in person $30

2 hour shopping trip $100 (minimum 1 hour)
plus gas mileage reimbursement for anything over 15 miles at .58 cents/mile.

If you book me for a shopping trip then the consultation fee will be applied to that hourly quote also a deposit of $25 will be taken in advance to secure your time slot.

To set up an appointment, send me an email or call me at 206-524-6616 to leave a message (no text) I can respond during my regular business hours.

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