Custom Airbrush Tanning

Custom hand-applied airbrush spray tanning services, now featuring Infinity Sun. New product has milder odor with a coconut cream smell. Tan develops in 4-12 hours. Dolce dust applied to neutralize and remove tackiness

Spray tanning is ideal for anyone who wants healthy color without exposure to damaging UV rays. We hand-apply, which provides more even coverage, and allows for better ventilation than a spray-tan box


Introductory Spray Tan for first time clients (Classic or Ultra Dark) — $25

Single Classic Color Spray Tan — $35

Three-pack of Classic Spray Tans — $90

Single Ultra Dark Spray Tan (single session) — $38

Three-pack of Ultra Dark Spray Tans — $99

Add disposable spa panties — $1

Classic Color Spray Tan

Before Classic Spray TanAfter Classic Spray Tan

Choose the formula that’s right for you

Classic Color:
8-10 hours to develop for an light tan

Ultra dark:
4-6 hours max for developing time. Great for that deep dark bronze tan.

Find more info in the Tanning FAQ and here on the blog.

Ultra Dark Spray Tan

Before Ultra Dark Spray TanAfter Ultra Dark Spray Tan


A: No, I use a high grade solution by a company that specializes in self tanning and it looks very natural. Read more about the tanning process on my blog here.
A: 7-10 days depending on how many showers you take and or water exposure. Also moisturize to keep skin from getting scaly this will keep tan intact for longer.
A: Exfoliate and moisturize daily up until the day of. If you need to use moisturizer, use a water based one, not oil. Please complete your hair, nails, facials, massage or waxing appointments prior to spray tanning.

A: No make up, wear loose, dark clothes, bring whatever you want to be sprayed in or wear nothing at all. The appointment takes 15 minutes and then drying is quick. You’ll be out in under 30 minutes. Let tan develop according to the instructions given to you. Developing time is 4-12 hours depending on if you get a classic tan or ultra dark. No working out or swimming until after your first shower.

A: Moisturize! Remember this will not protect you from the sun’s rays so wear sunscreen!