Q: Will my skin be orange?

A: This is the most-asked question by those considering a spray tan. The answer is NO! Our natural formulation leaves a bronze finish while the tan develops. Your own Ph helps build the right level of natural-looking color for your unique skin tone.

Q: How long will it last?

Q: How long will it last?

Q: How long before my special event or vacation should I schedule my appointment?

A: 1-2 days before your event, or 1 day before vacation.

Q: Do I need to do anything special leading up to my appointment?

A: Exfoliate & Moisturize! Using a sugar or salt scrub to smooth the skin will give a more even appearance. However, don’t do either the day of the appointment. Complete all your other grooming by the day before: nails, massage, hair removal, etc.

Q: What happens the day of the appointment?

A: Shower but don’t apply any moisturizers, lotion, deodorant, antiperspirant, makeup or other cosmetics. Wear dark, loose clothing to wear afterwards, and bring an old swimsuit or old underwear if you’d like to be covered (the solution is water soluble and washes out of most clothing). We provide a shower-cap type covering for your hair. The application takes about 15 minutes, and allow another 15 minutes for the formula to dry completely. For the next 6-8 hours, while your tan develops, avoid perspiring, don’t shower or swim, and don’t wash hands excessively.

Q: How do I help my tan last as long as possible?

A: A: Wait to swim or shower until tan has developed, and do so sparingly afterwards for best results. Moisturize, but don’t exfoliate.

Q: Does my tan provide any protection from the sun?

A: No. Use sunscreen (after tan develops) when in direct sunlight.


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