The subject of removing hair in the nether region is constantly coming up. I’ve been in the business since 1992 and it took quite a while for the phenomenon of the Brazilian to Bald to catch on. Now it’s catching on for men and I love it. Obviously for me it’s a money maker and who doesn’t like to make money!? I look at it like being a Doctor, you can’t be squeamish, grossed out or offended by the human anatomy. A true professional in their trade embraces the services they offer and does so with confidence and pride. Male or female, the client should always feel comfortable and if the service provider i.e esthetician doesn’t feel comfortable then it’s awkward for both parties and that’s not fair to the paying client.

I started a huge discussion amongst friends recently and some strangers about men grooming their nether region and boy did I get a mix of answers. Some wives said heck no and some unmarried women had to think about it and said they would want to know beforehand so that they were not surprised. The benefits to waxing the bikini area for men or women…1) Hygiene especially when it’s hot out or you are traveling to a remote location that is hot. 2) Shaving causes rashes, ingrown hairs and grows back very quickly. 3) Cutting the hair with a razor or clippers causes a blunt edge therefore growing out prickly, think a man’s beard so if that is your choice of grooming you have to stay on top of it or not cut it shorter than about 1/2 inch. The coarser the hair the pricklier it is for your partner which is very uncomfortable. 4) Shaving also causes itching as the hair grows in unlike waxing which grows in finer and softer over time. 5) Waxing pulls the hair out by the follicle which then takes time to re-grow. Similar to a weed in a garden, you can pull it at the base close to the dirt or you can pull the entire weed out at the root where the bulb is so that it takes longer to regrow or kills it entirely.

Straight, gay, married or single – the bottom line is why should women be the only ones to wax? There’s nothing feminine about it as everyone human has hair and skin so they should be treated equally. So guys don’t be shy, grooming is cool and ladies don’t make fun of him or make him feel insecure. If it’s bald that bothers you then maybe just cleaning up the scrotum and testicles is a better choice. I get that it’s not for everyone and I would never try to convince you that it is, I’m just saying sometimes you can think outside the box!